Question: Where is it possible to post the Abstract of the paper for UPEC 2020?

Answer: UPEC 2020 will have only the deadline for uploading the full paper. See the initial page for details of dates and deadlines.

Question: Is using the template mandatory for the paper or may I use the template of my laboratory ?

Answer: Use of the template for the paper preparation is mandatory.

Question: Is there a page limit for the paper submission ?

Answer: Yes, papers should be maximum 6 pages long.

Question: What is the correct paper size for the paper submission?

Answer: The correct paper size for the paper submission is A4. US Letter is not allowed.

Question: What is the difference between the Full Paper and the Final Manuscript Submission?


The full paper (prepared according to the provided template) has to be submitted through the submission system before the deadline, and will be sent to the Reviewers;

The Final Manuscript (for the accepted papers) is the accepted version of the Full paper, whose PDF file has to be created and uploaded before the corresponding deadline.