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Programme overview

Detailed Programme

Date and timeSession or EventIdentifier
Monday 31 August 2020
14:25–17:30Welcome Event
Welcome address and Virtual registrations opening (14:25–14:35)
Indications on the Conference facilities (14:35–14:50)
Supporter’s video (14:50–15:00) Entertainment (15:00–15:30)
Virtual Room – TW TeamWare (15:30–16:30)
Question time and connection testing (15:30–17:10)
Virtual remarks (17:10–17:30)
Tuesday 1 September 2020
10:10–11:30Virtual Room
RTDS: Hardware-in-the-loop Testing for Power Systems Protection
11:30–12:40Conference Opening 
12:55–14:10Plenary Session
Value of Energy Storage for Renewable Integration
Anastasios G. Bakirtzis – AUTH, Greece
Towards Higher Renewables Penetration in Insular Power Systems
João P.S. Catalão – FEUP & INESC TEC, Portugal
14:25–15:35Parallel sessions
Chair: Enrico Pons
 1157Assessing the Transition of the Romanian Power System Nikolaos Koltsaklis, Ioannis Panapakidis, Athanasios Dagoumas
 1102The challenges of the electrical systems of the future Petru Ruset, Florentin Batrinu, Radu Porumb
 1113Impact of Electricity Taxation in Germany on the Electricity Wholesale Market Tom Kulms, Moritz Nobis, Carlo Schmitt
 1169A Brief Review of Methods to Simulate Peer-to-Peer Trading in Electricity Networks Steven Deacon, Ioana Pisica, Gareth Taylor
 1015On the Curtailments of Variable Renewable Energy Sources in Europe and the Role of Load Shifting Chloi Syranidou, Jochen Linssen, Detlef Stolten, Martin Robinius
 Power Engineering Education
Chair: Dan D. Micu
 1168E-learning of Electrical Engineering Subjects in the Context of the EU-Mong Educational Project Filippo Spertino, Valentin A. Boicea, Gianfranco Chicco, Alessandro Ciocia, Paolo Di Leo, Luca Ferraris, Angela Russo, Slavka Tzanova, Bolormaa Dalanbayar
 1153Virtual Power Electronics Labs for Online Teaching Mohamed Darwish, Hassan Amreiz, Alan Al Janbey, Christos Marouchos
 1039Simulation of Coupled Components within Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop (PHiL) Test Bench Stephan Ruhe, Max Fechner, Steffen Nicolai, Peter Bretschneider
 1160Development of a Great Britain Transmission System Reduced Model for Hardware-In-the-Loop Studies Peter Imris, Martin Bradley, Gareth Taylor, Yun Li
 1070Frequency Influenceable Grid Emulation for the Analysis of Grid-Forming Inverters Using a Generator Set Wolf Schulze, Timo Nowak, Patrick Pawlowski, Michael Suriyah, Thomas Leibfried
 Active Distribution Systems
Chair: Mattia Marinelli
 1047Optimal Dispatch of PV Inverters in Multi-Phase Low Voltage Active Distribution Networks Muhammad Usman, Andrea Cervi, Massimiliano Coppo, Fabio Bignucolo, Roberto Turri
 1095Distributed Voltage Optimization based on the Auxiliary Problem Principle in Active Distribution Systems Anna Rita Di Fazio, Chiara Risi, Mario Russo, Michele De Santis
 1100DC coupled Distribution System Groups enable lowering Provision of Ancillary Services Elisabeth Bach, Steffen Schlegel, Dirk Westermann
 1088Planning Aspects of MVDC Distribution System Interconnections including Analysis of a new Use Case Johannes Kayser, Ronald Halbauer, Rene Steinhorst, Steffen Schlegel, Dirk Westermann
 1011Application of Digital Twin Assistant-System in State Estimation for Inverter Dominated Grid Xinya Song, Hui Cai, Jan Kircheis, Teng Jiang, Steffen Schlegel, Dirk Westermann

Parallel sessions
 Hydro Power
Chair: Luciane Neves Canha
 1173Methodology for Designing and Implementing a Computing Platform for Improving Small Hydropower Plants Functioning Victorita Radulescu
 1065Exploring Multitemporal Hydro Power Models of the Nordic Power System using Spine Toolbox Iasonas Kouveliotis-Lysikatos, Manuel Marin, Mickael Amelin, Lennart Söder
 1150Reduction of Penstock Fatigue in a Medium-Head Hydropower Plant Providing Primary Frequency Control Stefano Cassano, Christophe Nicolet, Fabrizio Sossan
 1152Analysis and Investigation of the Main Causes in Overheating the Frontal Areas of Stators at Vertical Hydro-generators Victorita Radulescu
 Photovoltaic Systems
Chair: Alessandro Ciocia
 1002Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique based on a Neural-Fuzzy Approach for a Stand-alone Photovoltaic System Sadeq Al-Majidi, Maysam Abbod, Hamed Al-Raweshidy
 1058Short-term Forecasting of Photovoltaic Generation based on Conditioned Learning of Geopotential Fields Kevin Bellinguer, Robin Girard, Guillaume Bontron, Georges Kariniotakis
 1067Spatio-Temporal Short Term Photovoltaic Generation Forecasting with Uncertainty Estimates using Machine Learning Methods Steven de Jongh, Tobias Riedel, Felicitas Mueller, Ala Eddine Yacoub, Michael Suriyah, Thomas Leibfried
 1135Improving Accuracy of Solar Cells Parameters Extraction by Minimum Root Mean Square Error Abdulhamid Atia, Fatih Anayi, Gao Min
 1141Super Twisting Control for a Photovoltaic Grid-Connected System with Filtering Function Younes Dris, Virgil Dumbrava, Mohamed Choukri Benhabib, Sidi Mohammed Meliani
17:00–18:20Virtual Room
RTDS: Hardware-in-the-loop Testing for Power Systems Protection
Wednesday 2 September 2020
10:10–11:30Virtual Room
RTDS: Hardware-in-the-loop Testing for Microgrids
11:30–12:40Parallel sessions
 Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Chair: Alfonso Capozzoli
 1025A Bottom-up Modelling Approach for Household Power Profiles Using Time-series Measurements Georgios Kryonidis, Georgios Barzegkar-Ntovom, Theofilos Papadopoulos, Antonios Marinopoulos, Catalin-Felix Covrig, Dimitrios Doukas, Eleftherios Kontis
 1031A Lumped-Capacitance Model for the Assessment of Energy Flexibility in different Building Typologies Julia Freier, Clara Ceccolini, Mark Arnold, Jens Hesselbach
 1117Spatially Explicit Scenarios for Decarbonising Heat in Domestic Buildings William Seward, Alexandre Canet, Meysam Qadrdan
 1166Flexibility Characterization from Thermal Inertia of Buildings at City Level: A Bottom-up Approach Qiang Gao, Mathieu Demoulin, Han Wang, Shariq Riaz, Pierluigi Mancarella
 1170Analysis of Data Cleaning Techniques for Electrical Energy Consumption of a Public Building Dacian I. Jurj, Dan D. Micu, Levente Czumbil, Alexandru G. Berciu, Mircea Lancrajan, Denisa Barar
Chair: Angela Russo
 1087Simulation and Monitoring of Energy Flows in a Micro-Grid David-Cătălin Urcan, Grațian Fierăscu, Dorin Bică, Lucian Ioan Dulău, Ilie Vlasa, Mădălina Arhip-Călin
 1163Combined Pre-Synchronization and Power Sharing Control for Microgrid Applications Li Lei, Mohammed A. Elgendy, Neal Wade, Salaheddine Ethni
 1034New Approaches to Reactive Power Sharing and Voltage Control in Islanded AC Microgrids Manuela Minetti, Gio Battista Denegri, Alessandro Rosini
 1001Dynamic Economic Load Dispatch in Isolated Microgrids with Particle Swarm Optimisation considering Demand Response Ahmad Rezaee Jordehi, Mohamad Sadegh Javadi, João P.S. Catalão
 1026Reliability and Resilience Analysis and Comparison of Off-Grid Microgrids Guglielmo De Vanna, Michela Longo, Federica Foiadelli, Mathaios Panteli, Mohamed Galeela
 Faults and Compensation
Chair: Alecksey Anuchin
 1028Approaches for Calculating LV DC Arc Flash Parameters Holger Schau, Sebastian Glaser
 1059On the Forecast of the Voltage Sags: First Stages of Analysis on Real Systems Christian Noce, Leonardo Di Stasio, Pietro Varilone, Paola Verde, Michele De Santis
 1151Operation of PV Inverter as Active Filter Under Different Loading and Supply Conditions Zafar Iqbal, Sasa Djokic, Sergey Yanchenko, Aljaz Spelko, Igor Papic
 1044A Shunt Capacitor equipped with a Series Inverter being Compatible with Existing Shunt Capacitors Guilherme Cirilo Leandro, Kenichiro Sano, Naotaka Okada
 1115Emulation of Series and Shunt Reactor Compensation Hassan Amreiz, Alan Janbey, Mohamed Darwish
12:55–14:10Plenary Session
Market Regulation of Energy Storage in Europe
Javier Contreras – UCLM, Spain
Energy Transition and Innovation Framework: Challenges for Electricity System Operation
Luca Orrù – Terna, Italy
14:25–15:35Parallel sessions
 Power-to-Gas and Biogas
Chair: Valentin A. Boicea
 1019Modeling Power-to-Gas in the Electrical Energy System in Real-Time Simulator Hui Cai, Xinya Song, Jan-Philipp Hammer, Teng Jiang, Steffen Schlegel, Dirk Westermann
 1049Demonstrations of DC Microgrid and Virtual Power Plant Technologies on the Danish Island of Bornholm Tatiana Gabderakhmanova, Jan Engelhardt, Jan Martin Zepter, Thomas Meier Sørensen, Knud Boesgaard, Hans Henrik Ipsen, Mattia Marinelli
 1050Biogas Plant Modelling for Flexibility Provision in the Power System of Bornholm Island ,Jan Martin Zepter, Tatiana Gabderakhmanova, Karl Maribo Andreasen, Knud Boesgaard, Mattia Marinelli
 1066Congestion Management of the German Transmission Grid through Sector Coupling: A Modeling Approach Felicitas Mueller, Paul Hentschel, Steven de Jongh, Lukas Held, Michael Suriyah, Thomas Leibfried
 1093A Real-Time Based Platform for Integrating Power-to-Gas in Electrical Distribution Grids Cesar Diaz-Londono, Gabriele Fambri, Andrea Mazza, Marco Badami, Ettore Bompard
 Power System Dynamics and Stability
Chair: Grigoris K. Papagiannis
 1077Practical Investigation of Load Angle Oscillations with Grid Connected Synchronous Generator Timo Nowak, Wolf Schulze, Kristian Dimitrov, Michael Suriyah, Thomas Leibfried
 1130Estimation of Power System Inertia from Electromechanical Modes Vidar Johnsson, Olof Samuelsson
 1132Investigating the Impact of using Modern Power System Stabilizers on Frequency Stability in Large Dynamic Multi-Machine Power System Zeyad Obaid, Raghad Mejeed, Abduallah Al-Mashhadani
 1020Assessment of Power Swing Blocking Functions Michael O’Donovan, Eoin Cowhey, Noel Barry, Joe Connell
 1075Series Compensation of an Uprated 230 kV – 50 Hz Backbone in Central Italy: Impact on Fault Quantities Michela Migliori, Stefano Lauria, Benedetto Aluisio, Corrado Gadaleta, Enrico Maria Carlini, Luca Piemonti
 Battery Technology Modeling and Advanced Chargers
Chair: Yuriy Vagapov
 1012Small Scale Multivariate Testing of Dynamic Wireless Charging Dominic Dattero Snell, Aaron Parkes, Thomas Edwards, Liana Cipcigan
 1023Experimental Analysis of Ni-MH High Power Cells Massimo Ceraolo, Giovanni Lutzemberger, Davide Poli, Claudio Scarpelli, Marco Sabatini
 1118Battery Analysis using Kinetic Battery Model with Voltage Response Gustavo Piske Fenner, Lucas Freksa Ramos, Luciane Neves Canha
 1144Analysis of Lithium-ion Battery Cells Degradation Based on Different Manufacturers Ahmed Gailani, Rehab Mokidm, Mo’ath El-Dalahmeh, Ma’d El-Dalahmeh, Maher Al-Greer  
 1068Characterization of NMC Lithium-ion Battery Degradation for Improved Online State Estimation Malthe Thingvad, Lisa Calearo, Andreas Thingvad, Rasmus Viskinde, Mattia Marinelli
15:50–17:00Parallel sessions
 Grid Components and Applications
Chair: Roberto Turri
 1042Modelling Aspects of Sheath Bonding in Medium-Voltage Cable Systems: Operational Condition Theofilos Papadopoulos, Andreas Chrysochos, Christos Lazos, Ioannis Gonos, Konstantinos Pavlou, Georgios Georgallis
 1074Dynamic Thermal Rating of Electric Cables: A Conceptual Overview Diana Enescu, Angela Russo, Radu Porumb, George Seritan
 1114Analysis of Low-Voltage Network Sensitivity to Voltage Variations Due to the Insulation Wear Egnonnumi Lorraine Codjo, Bashir Bakhshideh Zad, François Vallee, Bruno François
 1036Modeling Photovoltaic Generation Uncertainties for Monte Carlo Method based Probabilistic Load Flow Analysis of Distribution Network Harshavardhan Palahalli Mallikarjun, Paolo Maffezzoni, Giambattista Gruosso
 1158Power Quality Analysis for Distributed Generation and Electric Vehicle Integrated Distribution System Md Multan Biswas, Sultana Razia Akhter, Kamal Chandra Paul
 Energy Storage Systems
Chair: Andrea Mazza
 1037Frequency Models and Control in Normal Operation: the Sardinia Case Study Francesco Arrigo, Carmelo Mosca, Ettore Bompard, Paolo Cuccia
 1121A Review on Energy Storage Systems and Military Applications Felipe Lucchese, Luciane Canha, Wagner Brignol, Camilo Rangel, Bruno Hammerschmitt, Criciele Castro
 1131The FlexPlan Approach to Include the Contribution of Storage and Flexible Resources in Grid Planning Gianluigi Migliavacca, Marco Rossi, Dario Siface, Matteo Marzoli, Hakan Ergun, Raul Rodriguez, Guillaume Leclerq, Nuno Amaro, Björn Matthes, Jawana Gabrielski, Andrei Morch
 1106Optimal Sizing of Energy Storage with Embedded Wind Power Generation Nicholas Roche, Jane Courtney
 1108Voltage Profile Improving And Peak Shaving Using Multi-type Distributed Generators And Battery Energy Storage Systems In Distribution Networks Bahman Ahmadi, Oguzhan Ceylan, Aydogan Ozdemir
17:00–18:20Virtual Room
RTDS: Hardware-in-the-loop Testing for Microgrids
Thursday 3 September 2020
10:10–11:30Virtual Room
RTDS: Hardware-in-the-loop Testing for Power Electronics
11:30–12:40Parallel sessions
 Power System Economics and Electricity Markets
Chair: Radu F. Porumb
 1010Viability Assessment of PV Systems in University Campuses Under the Net-Metering Policy Kalliopi Pippi, Theofilos Papadopoulos, Georgios Kryonidis
 1091A Hybrid Data-and-simulation-based Analysis of the Participants’ Behavior Potential in the Italian Spot Electricity Markets Tao Huang, Luca Gioacchini, Francesco Guaiana, Shuo Huang, Bruno Valente, Gian Pio Domiziani
 1090A Data-based Platform for Supporting Profit-driven Strategy in the Italian Spot Electricity Markets Tao Huang, Luca Gioacchini, Francesco Guaiana, Bruno Valente, Gian Pio Domiziani
 1076Balancing Services Provision from Wind Turbines: an Italian Case Study Jan Marc Schwidtal, Matteo Bernardi, Marco Agostini, Fabio Bignucolo, Arturo Lorenzoni
 1112Method for Minimizing Grid Fees in Distribution Grids with DC-Links Jan Kircheis, Johannes Kayser, Steffen Schlegel, Dirk Westermann
 Grid Stability and Security
Chair: Graeme Burt
 1123Demonstration of a Technology Neutral Control Architecture for Providing Frequency Control Using Unidirectional Charging of Electric Vehicles René Juul Askjær, Peter Bach Andersen, Andreas Thingvad, Mattia Marinelli
 1107Security Constraint Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch under Uncertainty in a Wind Integrated Power System Meysam Mokari, Mohammad Hassan Moradi
 1165Contribution to System Frequency Stability and Resilience from PV Plants: A Closed-loop System Identification Approach Mehdi Ghazavi Dozein, Gilles Chaspierre, Pierluigi Mancarella
 1161Distribution Network Reconfiguration Considering Security-Constraints and Multi-DG Configurations Ikenna Okafor, Geev Mokryani, Rana Zubo, Osieloka Ezechukwu, Preye Ivry
 1164Impacts of Load and Generation Volatilities on the Voltage Profiles Improved by Distributed Energy Resources Bahman Ahmadi, Oguzhan Ceylan, Aydogan Ozdemir
 Magnetic Materials and Electrical Machines
Chair: Silvio Vaschetto
 1080Saturable Ferrite Inductor Parameters Obtained Through a Double Step Optimization Luigi Solimene, Salvatore Musumeci, Carlo Stefano Ragusa
 1143Online Magnetization Surface Identification for a Switched Reluctance Motor Alecksey Anuchin, Andrei Bogdanov, Galina Demidova, Evgeniy Stolyarov, Dimid Surnin, Yuriy Vagapov
 1136A Review of Electrical Motor Topologies for Aircraft Propulsion Robert Bolam, Yuriy Vagapov, Alecksey Anuchin
 1078Determination and Comparison of Temperature Dependent Henry Constants for the DGA I Gusti Ngurah Mahendrayana, Christof Riedmann, Uwe  Schichler, Suwarno
 1089A Spreadsheet Based Dissolved Gas Analysis Diagnostic Tool For Oil-Filled Transformers Anju Mekkayil, Gobind Pillai, Marc Malcolm
12:55–14:10Plenary Session
Evaluation of Uncertainties in Networks with Renewable-Based Electricity Generation Systems
Sasa Djokic – University of Edinburgh, UK
Experiences with Using Real-time Simulation as a Tool in University Undergraduate Teaching
Bruce Rigby – RTDS
14:25–15:35Parallel sessions
 Multi-Energy Systems
Chair: Oguzhan Ceylan
 1171Characterization of Residential Users’ Behaviour and Influence on Distribution Network Planning Roberto Turri, Fabio Bignucolo, Gianluca Pavoni, Andrea Scala, Pierfrancesco Da Ronco, Nicola Sempreboni
 1061A Linear Programming Formulation of Time-Coupled Flexibility Market Bids by Storage Systems Carlo Schmitt, Tobias Sous, Andreas Blank, Felix Gaumnitz, Albert Moser
 1120Cost-beneficial Analysis of Utilizing a Combination of Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Sources Mahmood Gholizadeh, Martin Wolter
 1084Dynamic Coupling Analysis and Control of an Integrated Thermal Energy Storage System Ivan De la Cruz Loredo, Hector Bastida, Carlos E. Ugalde-Loo, Luis A. Amézquita Brooks, Daniel Alejandro Morales Sandoval
 1022An Optimal Power Flow Algorithm for the Simulation of Energy Storage Systems in Unbalanced Three-Phase Distribution Grids Lukas Held, Mohammed Barakat, Felicitas Müller, Michael R. Suriyah, Thomas Leibfried
 State Estimation and PMU Applications
Chair: Matteo Saviozzi
 1051Assessment of State Estimation Methods for Power Systems with Uncertain Parameters Francesco Conte, Bruno Gabriele, Giacomo-Piero Schiapparelli
 1072Effect of Varying the Genetic Algorithm (GA) Parameters and Operators on the Optimum PMUs Placement Basem Alamri
 1018Experimental Assessment of a PTP-based System for Large Scale Time Synchronization of Smart Grids Antonio Pepiciello, Alfredo Vaccaro, Tommaso Pietropaoli
 1129Parameter Identification of Interarea Oscillations in Electrical Power Systems via an Improved Hilbert Transform Method Enrico Maria Carlini, Giorgio Maria Giannuzzi, Roberto Zaottini, Cosimo Pisani, Salvatore Tessitore, Leopoldo Angrisani, Annalisa Liccardo
 1126Frequency Dynamics in the Romanian Power System under Large Perturbations Lucian Toma, Mihai Sanduleac, Dorian Sidea, Carmen Stanescu, Ciprian Diaconu, Mihaela Albu, Ana-Maria Dumitrescu
 Electric Vehicles and e-Mobility
Chair: Ghanim Putrus
 1024Electric Vehicles Demonstration Projects – An Overview Across Europe Mattia Marinelli, Lisa Calearo, Sabrina Ried, Xaver Pfab, Julio Cesar Diaz Cabrera, Christian Spalthoff, Martin Braun, Hanne Sæle, Bendik Nybakk Torsæter, Poria Hasanpor Divshali, Seppo Hänninen, Massimo Ceraolo, Stefano Barsali, Mats Larsson, Annika Magdowski, Laura Gimenez, Gregorio Fernàndez
 1043Comparative Analysis of High Voltage Battery Pack Cells for Electric Vehicle Khaled Sehil, Mohamed Darwish, Christos Marouchos, William Jeans
 1053Reconfigurable Stationary Battery with Adaptive Cell Switching for Electric Vehicle Fast-Charging Jan Engelhardt, Tatiana Gabderakhmanova, Gunnar Rohde, Mattia Marinelli
 1069Flexible Energy Management Strategy For Electric Vehicles Charging Stations Daniel Bertineti, Luciane Neves Canha, Wagner Brignol, Aerton Medeiros, Rodrigo de Azevedo, Zeno Nadal
 1147Optimal Design of Grid-Side LCL Filters for Electric Vehicle Ultra-Fast Battery Chargers Davide Cittanti, Fabio Mandrile, Radu Bojoi
15:50–17:00Parallel sessions
 Forecasting and Monitoring
Chair: Tao Huang
 1109A CNN Based Model for Short-Term Load Forecasting: A Real Case Study on the Romanian Power System Andrei Tudose, Dorian Sidea, Irina Picioroaga, Valentin Boicea, Constantin Bulac
 1081Utilizing Measurement Data from Low-voltage Grid Sensor in State Estimation to Improve Grid Monitoring Minh-Quan Tran, Phuong H. Nguyen, Omar Mansour, Dennis Bijwaard
 1159Monitoring LV Prosumers Operation Using Hilbert – Huang Method Radu Plamanescu, Ana-Maria Dumitrescu, Mihaela Albu, Siddharth Suryanarayanan
 1101eeRIS-NILM: An Open Source, Unsupervised Baseline for Real-Time Feedback Through NILM Christos Diou, Georgios Andreou
 1038Improving Distribution System Observability Using Neural Networks Jan Kircheis, Xinya Song, Teng Jiang, Steffen Schlegel, Dirk Westermann
 Transmission System Development
Chair: Noureddine Harid
 1027Optimal Power Flow with Dynamic Line Rating for Wind Integrated System Mikkel Bay Andreasen, Rasmus Jakobsen, Nazkhanom Rezaei
 1082Optimal Computation of Network Indicators for Electricity Market Bidding Zones Configuration Cristian Bovo, Valentin Ilea, Enrico Maria Carlini, Mauro Caprabianca, Federico Quaglia, Luca Luzi, Giuseppina Nuzzo
 1073Model-based Identification of Alternative Bidding Zone Configurations from Clustering Algorithms applied on Locational Marginal Prices Pietro Colella, Andrea Mazza, Ettore Bompard, Gianfranco Chicco, Angela Russo, Enrico Maria Carlini, Mauro Caprabianca, Federico Quaglia, Luca Luzi, Giuseppina Nuzzo
 1032Techno-Economic Benefit of Network Developments: a Flow-Based Evaluation Maria Dicorato, Gioacchino Tricarico, Michele Trovato, Giuseppe Forte, Marco Bronzini
 1083Distributed AC-DC Optimal Power Flow in the European Transmission Grid with ADMM Nico Huebner, Yannick Rink, Michael Suriyah, Thomas Leibfried
17:00–18:20Virtual Room
RTDS: Hardware-in-the-loop Testing for Power Electronics
Friday 4 September 2020
10:10–11:30Virtual Room
RTDS: Fundamentals of Hardware-in-the-loop Testing and Real-time Simulation
11:30–12:40Parallel sessions
 Demand Side Aspects
Chair: Paolo Di Leo
 1162Development of an FPGA based Time of Arrival Estimator for PLC Applications Stephen Robson, Manu Haddad
 1119New Fuzzy Logic Based Switch-Fault Diagnosis in Three Phase Inverters Chukwuemeka Nzekwu Ibem, Mohamed Emad Farrag, Ahmed A. Aboushady
 1063Targeted Messaging for Appliance-based Demand Response Ioanna – Mirto Chatzigeorgiou, Christos Diou, Georgios T. Andreou
 1048Improving Operating Modes of Automation Control of Technological Processes of Pump Equipment Based on Devices of Demand Side Management Irina Klavsuts, Alexander Dvortsevoi, Dmitry Klavsuts, Marina Khayrullina
 1122A Study on the Optimized Working Schedule of the Fully Mechanized Coal Mining DiLei Chen, Zheng Zheng, Tao Huang, GuoPeng Zhang
 Transmission Lines
Chair: Manu Haddad
 1124The Influence of Mechanical Pressure on Solid/Solid Interface Under DC Voltages Eko Yulianto, Rasagna Adepu, Andrea Cavallini, Suwarno
 1041Efficient New Approach for Boundary Conditions on a Bipolar Corona System Philipp Huber, Jens Kortenbrede, Frank Jenau
 1064Optimized Numerical Modeling and Validation of negative DC Corona Discharges by using Pulse Shape Parameters Kerstin Friebe, Daniel Wienold, Frank Jenau
 1167Development of a Deep Learning Software for Visual Analysis of High Voltage Insulators Timotheos Savva, Maurizio Albano
 1085Investigation of the Possibility to Convert Medium Voltage AC Overhead Lines (OHL) to DC Sinanuri Surawijaya, Anton Andreas Buchner, Uwe Schichler, Suwarno
 Power System Protections
Chair: Pietro Colella
 1014Directional Overcurrent Protection to account for Reactive Power Capability on Windfarms Aaron McDonnell
 1060The Effects of Mutual Coupling Compensation on Distance Protection of Parallel Lines Michael O’Donovan, Eoin Cowhey, Noel Barry, Joe Connell
 1104The “Short-term Isolated Star Point Grounding” to Detect Earth Faults in Compensated Networks – The Concept Erwin Burkhardt, Dominik Hilbrich, Nils Offermann, Christian Rehtanz, Frank Jenau
 1105The “Short-term Compensation Change” to Detect Earth Faults in Compensated Networks Erwin Burkhardt, Lothar Fickert, Frank Jenau
 1154Distribution of Impulse Current in Earth Grid Electrodes Salah Mousa, Noureddine Harid, Huw Griffiths, Manu Haddad
12:55–14:10Parallel sessions
 Energy Communities and Local Energy Systems
Chair: Marco Merlo
 1092Energy Community and Collective Self Consumption in Italy Matteo Zulianello, Valerio Angelucci, Diana Moneta  
 1094A Decentralized Market Solver for Local Energy Communities Mario Mureddu, Marco Galici, Emilio Ghiani, Fabrizio Pilo
 1096Energy Sharing in Renewable Energy Communities: the Italian Case Matteo Moncecchi, Stefano Meneghello, Marco Merlo
 1009Modeling Local Energy Market for Energy Management of Multi-Microgrids Pouria Sheikhahmadi, Salah Bahramara, Saman Shahrokhi, Gianfranco Chicco, Andrea Mazza, João P.S. Catalão
 1035Economic Feasibility of Photovoltaic Micro-Plants Connected to the Brazilian Distribution Grid Facing the Regulation Changes Proposed Gabriel Doyle, Paulo Rotela Junior, Priscila Carneiro, Rogério Peruchi
 Wind Systems
Chair: Filippo Spertino
 1086Lifetime Estimation of Semiconducting Components in 8MW Wind Turbine Generators with ”Power Boost” Functionality Jonas Pedersen, Kasper Juncker, Peter Randewijk
 1134Optimization Modeling for Offshore Wind Farms Siti Khadijah Hamzah, Gill Lacey, Gobind Pillai
 1137Estimation of International Standards for Unconventional Wind Turbine Testing Aleksandr Lukin, Anton Rassõlkin,Galina Demidova
 1006Power Quality Study for Wind Farm Integration: The case of Dhofar Wind Farm Ammar Al Yafai, Nural Hassan Shaikh, Sultan Al-Rawahi, Meganathan Seemaichamy, Husam Al Yafai, Nasser Al-Habsi
 1033A Reliable Multi-Objective Methodology for Strategic Bidding of Wind Energy Fabrizio De Caro, Alfredo Vaccaro, Domenico Villacci
 Power Converters
Chair: Salvatore Musumeci
 1054Modulation Processes in Power Electronic Converters Stelios Ioannou, Maria Argyrou, Mohamed Darwish, Christos Marouchos
 1098Detailed Modelling and Control of a Modular Multilevel Converter with Full-Bridge Submodules in a Multi-Terminal High Voltage DC Network Ioan-Cătălin Damian, Mircea Eremia, Lucian Toma
 1145PWM Strategy for Equal Distribution of Losses Between Low-Voltage Cells in an MV Frequency Converter Yulia Kazemirova, Alecksey Anuchin, Alexey Kovyazin, Maxim Lashkevich, Dmitry Aliamkin, Sevastyan Grishin
 1149Nested Loop Control of a Buck Converter under Variable Input Voltage and Load Conditions Alecksey Anuchin, Dmitry Shpak, Md Rishad Ahmed, Evgeniy Stolyarov, Dimid Surnin, Jaime Pando Acedo
 1057Design of a Medium Voltage Generator and Power Converter for High Power Wind Energy Conversion Systems Jonas Steffen, Sebastian Lengsfeld, Marco Jung, Ponick Bernd, Herranz Gracia Mercedes, Aristide Spagnolo, Klaus Schleicher, Klaus Schäfer
14:25–17:30Final Event
Remarks on UPEC 2020 (14:25–14:45)
Entertainment (14:45–15:15)
Awards (15:15–15:45)
Entertainment (15:45–16:15)
Supporter’s video (16:15–16:25)
Presentation of UPEC 2021 (16:25–16:45)
Entertainment (16:45–17:15)
Virtual conclusion (17:15–17:30)
17:30End of UPEC 2020